3371  Knickerbocker Suite 207
San Angelo, Texas 76904

525 Kingsbridge Dr
Garland, Texas 75040

Phone: 325-656-9222
 Toll Free 888-806-EMTC

We are here to help address all your non-emergency, emergency and/or medical transport needs.

We coordinate existing resources,  locate new transport providers, whether you need ground or air transport.

We have relationships with ground,  helicopter  and fixed wing providers, as well as numerous dispatch providers.
  1. Helicopter Air Transport
    EMTC can coordinate and/or arrange for helicopter transports for hospital transfers, transplant patients, remote pickups, accidents and scene calls, etc.
  2. Fixed Wing Aircraft Transport
    EMTC can coordinate and/or arrange for fixed wing aircraft transport, for hospital transfers, long distance transports to specialty facilities and return transports from abroad, etc.
  3. Ambulance Ground Transport
    EMTC can coordinate and/or arrange for ground transport for transfers from the hospital to other facilities, transport to the airport to meet air transport, from scene calls to air transport, for special events, job sites, remote locations and long distance transports of all types.
  4. 4 Wheel Drive, All Terain Ground Transport
    EMTC can coordinate and/or arrange for transports from or in remote, rugged environments. We can also arrange for private MICU units for these type areas.
  5. Communications
    EMTC can assist with emergency or remote communication needs, to ensure you have the services and equipment to provide you with appropriate communications ability to ensure your safety.
  6. Dispatch
    EMTC can assist with your emergency dispatch needs, to coordinate the closest most appropriate emergency services. This service is primarily for remote areas where the 911 capabilities cannot accommodate your needs. Or if you have international needs.
  7. Logistic and Asset Management
    EMTC can assist in coordinating and/or arranging for remote safety and security monitoring services and equipment to track and monitor company assets, equipment, facilities and employees.
  8. Transport Membership Programs
    EMTC has partnered with several emergency transport network providers to help protect your financial stability. These programs would ensure that you have no out of pocket costs, and are available for as little as $65 a year.
  9. Asset Managment and Tracking Services
    EMTC can help you track and manage your people, places and things as efficiently and effectively as possible.